ILO Resources

Resources that may make the path to an ILO easier

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These Resources Will Help Your ILO Journey

This is a collection of resources to assist in your journey to an ILO. They include both resources developed by NACBO, as well as external sources.

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The ILO Pathway (NACBO)

An A4 simple diagram of the process to follow if you are seeking an NDIS-funded ILO

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Applying for an ILO – Checklist (NACBO)

A simple checklist you can use as you follow the process of applying for an ILO

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My Home, My Way website

A website with multiple resources to assist people with disability to thrive in their own home

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My Home, My Way Guidebook (NACBO)

A guide providing comprehensive information and exercises to help when planning the life-changing decision of moving into your own home.

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My Home, My Way Workbook (NACBO)

Accompanying Workbook to the My Home My Way Guidebook

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“I didn’t know
this was possible”

The Individualised Living Options (ILO) Journey
(Plain English version)

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The Lives We Lead: Homelife

Video stories showing what is possible with the right supports and home of your own

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Supported Decision Making (WAiS)

Practical supported decision making resources for people with disability to make and act on their own decisions

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CRU – The Good Life

Resources, videos and inspiring ideas around what is possible, and creating the “Good Life” for everyone

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Planning: Home (WA Individualised Services)

This is a handy resource to help you think through all the things that are important to you about Home

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Building Tenancy Skills (

WA website of resources to support people with disability build their tenancy skills and feel confident about their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

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Housing Toolkit (Summer Foundation)

A comprehensive workbook gathering your needs and preferences, creating a picture of who you are, and your support needs

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Housing Options Online Learning Package (Housing Hub)

A free, self-paced online learning package about housing for people with disability. Includes State-specific workbook

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Examples of Home and Living Goals (NACBO)

Some suggestions of how other people have created NDIS goals around Home

Image description: Home and Living Supporting Evidence Form - Tip Sheet

Home and Living Supporting Evidence Form – Hint Sheet (NACBO)

A step-by-step guide to filling out the NDIS Home and Living Supporting Evidence Form

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Carer Statement and Checklist (NACBO)

An explanation of when and how to write a Carer Statement and/or Carer Checklist. Included links to examples

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Carer Checklist (Carers Australia)

Template for a Carer Checklist

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Mental Health Carer Checklist (Carers Australia)

Template for a Carer Checklist where the person you care for has a psychosocial disability or experiencing poor mental health.

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Sampling Ways of Living (NACBO)

Template to assist you to consider different ways of living and decide which ones you want to try or rule out

Image description: Sample Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule – Example

A typical week, designed as a visual schedule to explain an ILO arrangement including estimated costs.

Image description: Service Proposal - Hint Sheet

Service Proposal – Hint Sheet (NACBO)

A step-by-step guide to completing an NDIS Service Proposal, includes a checklist to ensure all steps are completed and all evidence provided to support your proposed ILO

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My Life, Your Life, Our Life (WA Individualised Services)

This is a guide for when you are thinking about creating a home that is shared with Flatmates, Homesharers and/or Co-Residents

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Person-Centred Planning Tools (Helen Sanderson and Associates)

A range of useful Person Centred planning tools to ensure your voice is heard and is central to the planning process

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Individual Support Living Manual (Curtin University)

A guide, including a checklist to assess if your individualised living arrangement is working and continuing to meet your needs

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Future Living

Resources for long-term and safeguard planning

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Home Share International

A website dedicated to Homesharing, with information, resources and stories.

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My Home: Individualised Living (WAiS)

A resources hub with resources, guides, and stories to explore individualised ways of living

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