ILO Stories

Find out how other people, like you, have created their own ILO

Image description: ILO participant at home in their kitchen

ILO Participants Share Their Experiences

NACBO is excited to share stories about the different types of ILO’s people have created for themselves, some of which evolved from individualised living arrangements.

There will be more stories added over the coming months.
Please let us know if you are interested in sharing your ILO story as inspiration for other people who might be thinking about taking this step.

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Mat’s Story

My name is Mat, I am 35 years old, and I live in my own place, in Perth Western Australia. I love to go out to concerts and guitar lessons, the gym, and love to play and watch footy. I…

Image description: Caragh at home with company

Caragh’s Story

Hi my name is Caragh. I love art and paper, soccer and seeing all my family. I love living in my own home! I have my family visit me and we have dinner together. I can show them my…

Image description: Matt baking a cake in his kitchen

Matt’s Story

My name is Matt and I am 45 years old. I have lived in my own home in Perth since 2012. I pay the rent. I love music, watching soccer matches, bike riding, cooking and baking and…

Image description: Mat in his own home

“I love living in my own place as I get to live how I want, just like everyone else!”

Moving into his own place provided new opportunities and challenges for Mat but it has been wonderful to see how he has worked through these and how his independence has grown over time ~ Mat’s Family

Need Support With ILO?

NACBO have dedicated staff available across Australia who can assist you through the various stages of this process.

Click ‘Get Support’ to find your nearest contact.

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