Implementing your ILO (Stage 2)

Once your ILO funding has been agreed upon by the NDIS, you can start transitioning to your new home/ arrangement.

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Moving Into Your Home

If you have sufficient funding in your existing Core Supports budget, you may have already started the transition into your home, while waiting for the ILO to be approved.

Your ILO funding is an annual amount, that is paid weekly to either yourself/nominee (self-manager), plan manager or ILO provider (agency managed). Now that you have your ILO budget, you can implement supports and services as flexibly as you like. You may find that you need more support early on to settle into your new home and develop your confidence and independence.

It is important that you continually reflect about how your ILO is working (or not working) so that your supports can be adjusted or redesigned. You have allocated ILO funding (Monitoring and Review) to pay someone to do this work with you. 

What can you do if your ILO is not working?

If you find your ILO is not working, you can

  • Take some time to pause, reflect and ask questions, as this may not be a result of NDIS funding. Questions such as – what else could we try or change? Have we got this right? How might we meet the person’s needs better or help flourish – friendships or roles in the community for example, what is the person trying to express or communicate?
  • Explore what the challenges are and work out if you can use your existing ILO budget flexibly to change your supports to work better for you.
  • Explore a new ILO arrangement if your support needs have changed so significantly that they no longer can be addressed within your current ILO. If you need additional Exploration & Design funding to do this exploration, you will need to submit a request for Change of Details of Change of Situation Form to the NDIS along with an updated Request for Home and Living Supports form.

If you already have an idea about how you want to restructure your current ILO, you will need to submit a new Service Proposal. In this case, you need to request a Reassessment at the same time. Your whole plan (not just your ILO) will be reassessed so make sure you have all your documentation submitted and ready to take to the reassessment.

The current NDIS process means your ILO will be reviewed at every plan reassessment date (end date of your NDIS plan). There is no guarantee that your ILO will be maintained at the same level. For each reassessment, you will need to provide an updated Service Proposal which is your opportunity to ‘paint a picture’ about how your ILO continues to meet your NDIS goals, and how it remains the best outcome for meeting your support needs. Use this opportunity to demonstrate to the NDIS the social and economic benefits of your ILO, you may want to use Section 34 of the NDIS Act ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ to frame the benefits of your ILO.

Evidence to include with a new Service Proposal:

If your ILO needs change, make sure you include documentation of why it isn’t currently working and a new Service Proposal describing how it will meet your support needs.

Evidence might include:

  • OT Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Functional Behavioural Assessment
  • Copies of incident reports
  • Carers Impact Statement
  • Support Coordination Report
  • ILO Provider Report

Need Support With ILO?

NACBO have dedicated staff available across Australia who can assist you through the various stages of this process.

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